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Stop using taxpayers money – Karua, Itumbi bash BBI signature collection tactics

Digital strategist Denis Itumbi and Senior Counsel Martha Karua have bashed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) signature collection process.

According to the two, the national government is using taxpayers’ money to fund the signature collection process. They further shared screenshots allegedly from Kenyans who claimed chiefs had contacted them asking for their signatures.

Itumbi also shared a screenshot of a message he allegedly received asking him to head over to the Chief’s office to sign the BBI document.

Tulinde Katiba and reject the BBI.

Senior Counsel Martha Karua held a press conference at the Serena Hotel where she mobilized Kenyans to reject the document. She further claimed that the campaign was unconstitutional and it is up to Kenyans to defend their constitution.

Karua went on to note that Kenya’s constitution is internationally recognized as one of the most progressive. According to her, there is no need to change the constitution.

“We are here to reach out of the other Kenyans of like minds to join us as we build a movement, the Linda Katiba, to defend the constitution, defeat impunity, and advance the transformational agenda that we set for ourselves a decade ago,” Karua stated.

Their statements came after Kimani Ichungwa, Kikuyu MP, on Saturday evening, the 28th of November 2020, claimed that authorities were forcing his constituents to sign the BBI document.

He further explained that chiefs were forcing young youths to sign, or else they lose their jobs in the Kazi Mtaani youth program. He went on to urge authorities to let everyone make their own free choice.

Karua’s and Itumbi’s complaints come a day after deputy president William Ruto crossed over and supported the BBI.

According to the second in command, he has a constitutional mandate to support the president. He further went on to claim that the BBI taskforce had amended the document to address some issues affecting hustlers.

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