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Survivor in the Kiambu murders speaks

New details on the Kiambu murders have emerged after a survivor narrated his lucky escape. The survivor allegedly outran Lawrence Warunge, who confessed to killing four of his family members and a worker.

The survivor, who prefers that his identity remains concealed, narrated how he escaped death by a whisker on that fateful night.

According to the survivor, he arrived in the compound late at night. When he reached the door of one of the houses, he saw blood.

“I could see a dead body because the lights were on,” the survivor said.

“I looked inside the house and saw Warunge and decided to run. I heard footsteps following me, and so I didn’t stop,” he added.

The survivor said that he kept running and did not stop. When he could no longer hear footsteps, he hid inside a banana plantation. It was at this moment that he informed the uncle who called the police.

Sources revealed that Warunge disguised himself as a woman when carrying out the gruesome murders. However, the testimonies of several witnesses placed him at the scene.

Warunge is currently in custody. After interrogations, he led detectives to a spot in MaiMahiu where he had disposed of the murder weapon and other vital exhibits.

Autopsy results showed that all the victims had multiple stab wounds and succumbed to their injuries.

The mental assessment of Warunge and his girlfriend showed that they were both in stable condition. Therefore, they will both face murder charges.

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