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Suspected al-shabbab attack in Mandera

Residents of Mandera are still in shock after suspected Al-Shabaab militants shot at a bus they were traveling in yesterday.

Banisa sub-county deputy county commissioner, Peter Lotulia, confirmed the incident. He said that the bus driver managed to drive through the ambush.

In the same area, there was a roadside explosive. Four people were traveling in a private car when it hit the explosive. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

“A private vehicle delivering examination material to Mandera East was hit by an explosive, and we have managed to get two of the occupants, but the other two are missing,” Mr. Lotulia said.

The sub-county deputy county commissioner also said that police officers are searching for the two missing persons. He dismissed claims that Al-Shabaab militants abducted the passengers.

“The two occupants of the land cruiser are fine, but we are looking for their two colleagues whom we believe took off due to fear,” he said.

Mr. Lotiulia also said that police officers escorted the bus, which had survived the attack. He acknowledged that the situation could have been worse.

“We could be talking of a worse situation by now,” he said.

This attack comes just a few days after Mandera Governor Ali Roba raised the alarm over the return of Al-Shabaab. He claimed that the Somali-based terrorist group has become more aggressive and bold.

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