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Tax defaulters put on notice by KRA.

KRA is at it again. This time, they are targeting wealthy persons who are believed to be tax cheats. The taxman has compiled a list of wealthy and affluent companies and individuals who have been evading or underpaying tax.

The taxman plans to send its employees to the named tax defaulters. They will also approach banks to dig for all the necessary information to get more evidence on what is owed to KRA. Companies that work with the government will be screened to ensure that they surrender all historical unpaid taxes. They will also be expected to declare their income.

Apart from getting information from the bank, they also intend to use water bills and KPLC meter registration to identify landlords who have not forwarded taxes to KRA. They will also access import records and vehicle registration records to help in the identification of tax cheats.

The Agency is allowed by the law to seek taxes from defaulters by getting information from third parties.

One thousand enforcement officers who will help to identify tax cheats will be recruited to assist in the tax recovery process.

KRA had come up with a tax payment plan with some of its defaulters, but several have not honored their payments as promised.

The taxman is working around the clock to meet the set target for tax collection. With the ever-rising government expenditure, KRA is under pressure to collect as much money as possible.

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