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The BBI Report: strong views from those against it

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta and his bosom buddy, ODM party leader, Raila Odinga on Wednesday received the final report of the BBI.

After months of speculation, the document was available, though in limited supply. In defence of the document, both Uhuru and Raila touted it as being for Kenyans and not at all about the preservation of their political lives.

“The BBI does not belong to me and Raila. It belongs to you. This document is not about this individual’s presidency and that individual’s prime ministership. It is about all of us. What we are looking for is a document about posterity.” The President said as he received the document.

However, the BBI will officially be launched in the coming days.

Mounting opposition to the document

However, a section of Kenyans who have read the BBI has further entrenched their opposition to it. What had previously been light jabs against the document have now become full-on opposition to it.

NARC-Kenya party leader, Martha Karua, stated that the BBI, if passed, would mark a return to imperial Presidency.

“I have this morning confirmed that the office of the Deputy President remains unchanged in the BBI Constitutional amendment proposals, which herald the return of the imperial presidency and undermine Independence of Judiciary,” Karua said.

A sneaky way to take away Judiciary independence

Waikwa Wanyoike, a constitutional lawyer, also pointed this out. He stated that the position of the Judiciary Ombudsman was a sneaky way to take away the judiciary’s independence.

“BBI report intended creation of the position of Judiciary Ombudsman, nominated and appointed by the President, is the sneakiest way to take away all the independence of the judiciary. The effect is to give President singular control on the discipline and removal of judges.” He said.

However, the talk around the report is ongoing, with opinions for the document appearing to be more about political leanings.

Furthermore, below are more opposing views to BBI.

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