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There are consequences for stopping BBI – President Uhuru warns judges

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 58th Madaraka Day celebrations on Tuesday 1 June 2021 in Kisumu reminded the Judiciary of the consequences of stopping the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process against the benefits Kenyans will get if the proposed legislation sails through.

In his speech, the head of state stated that rejecting BBI would cause more harm to the people more than the courts as they will bear all the consequences of the judgments by the judges.

The first in command the Rule of Law must be followed and obey the decisions of the courts but the sovereign and supreme voice of the People of Kenya must also be followed.

He added that this is why the National Conversation today must focus on the Burden of Choice.

The President said that citizens are required to exercise their will and shoulder the burden of their choices, and so should the independent institutions.

He pointed out that the field of independence has been expanded in the Judiciary, and so the field of their responsibility should respond to the summons of nationhood.

“Who carries the burden of this choice: The courts or the people, it’s people. 123 days in 2017 after elections we were losing close to Ksh. 1 billion daily, who carried this burden?” the President asked.

President Uhuru stated that if the BBI is passed it would prevent the country from losing huge amounts of money amounting to close to Ksh. 30 billion that is normally lost during general elections.

He added that the Constitution is not a yoke around the country’s neck but a mighty sword in Kenyans’ hands to break chains that limit them.

The President went on to wonder if a decision against BBI a decision in support of the status quo if the decision to stop BBI had been subjected to a cost-benefit analysis, in other words, if it had considered the burden of choice if the country is in a constitutional moment.

President Uhuru said that the country cannot engage in political stabilization if it lives in political denial.

He noted that for instance, everyone knows that BBI is good for the country even those who are unhappy with it, but Kenyans have embraced the fear of change instead of continually striving for a more fair, just, peaceful, cohesive, and democratic Kenya.

He said that those opposing BBI oppose it, not because of its substance, but because they cannot dare to imagine a better Kenya for all.

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