This is how you can avoid paying for Safaricom mobile money transaction fees


The phrase ‘na utume ya kutoa pia’ is prevalent in Kenya, with many using it almost daily. The phrase was coined with the onset of mobile money in Kenya, mostly through Safaricom and Airtel. Although the mobile cash features have tremendously improved and eased Kenyans’ lives, it also comes with its challenges. The major one being mobile money transaction fees.

Currently, for one to transact using mobile money, you will also have to include the transaction fees in your budget. These fees are one major stumbling block towards Kenyans fully adopting to going cashless.

However, unknown to many, you can smoothly use mobile money without transaction fees. This is possible through the Asilimia App.

According to Tekwane Mwendwa, the Asilimia app facilitates easy and free mobile transactions. He notes that his app seeks to solve the preexisting issue of many potential users avoiding mobile money due to the transaction fees.

This is how you can avoid paying for Safaricom mobile money transaction fees
Asilimia Kenya Founder and Operations Manager Tekwane Mwendwa

“Every Kenyan has had that experience of insufficient funds to complete a transaction. A lot of emotion is also involved, and most of us are familiar with the Kenyan semantics of ‘Na unitumie na ya kutoa’,” Mwendwa said.

However, Mwendwa adds that for one to enjoy, you will need to renew your subscription monthly for only ksh 150.

I have faced many obstacles.

Mwendwa explained that getting his application to pick was the biggest challenge as an entrepreneur. He further added that whenever he tried telling people of his business idea, many thought he was fake since the concept was unheard of before.

However, the platform is slowly gaining popularity with over 10,000 users. Mwendwa and his team have also processed over ksh 106.1 million shillings in mobile transactions. According to him, he looks forward to a future with zero mobile money transaction fees.

Meanwhile, Safaricom is experimenting on zero-rating with the coronavirus pandemic. Banks have also come on board where customers can now send, withdraw, or transact with mobile money for free.

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