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This is why Sarah Wairimu has not publicly cried for Tob Cohen

Sarah Wairimu has been labelled by netizens as insensitive after not publicly mourning her husband Tob Cohen.

However, Wairimu claims she is not detached from the death of her husband. According to her, she is undergoing through a lot at the moment.

She claims she is widowed, almost divorced and thrown out of her house. Sarah adds she is being dispossessed yet she is in the process of grieving her husband.

Sarah admits life has been tough on her. She claims even though she lived with Tob for 29 years in marriage, she has not had adequate time to properly mourn him.

This to her is a painful ordeal to undergo.

The tycoon’s widow claims her husband’s mysterious death has put her in a tough situation. She claims she now has to fight for herself, her husband and for them.

Sarah questions why Cohen left her with no one to protect her. She fondly refers to him as ‘Simba’.

However, Wairimu acknowledges she has to maintain a strong front while in public light. This is why she does not cry in public.

Sarah claims her mourning is collected. According to her, Tob dying put her in a very tough place. This is because she was still in mourning after she lost her brother in 2017. She had not fully recovered when Cohen died.

However, Sarah is covered with controversies. She is facing murder charges against her husband Tob Cohen who died in unclear circumstances.

Tob’s rotting body was found in an underground storage water tank in their Kitisuru home. The tycoon had been missing for two months before he was found dead.

Despite the body being found in their compound, Sarah claims she is not involved in her husband’s murder.

Her case is set to be heard on July 6th to 20th.

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