Home News Three police officers arrested over the death of Chang'aa brewer

Three police officers arrested over the death of Chang’aa brewer

Three police officers were arrested over the weekend for causing the death of a woman in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

The three face accusations for raiding the woman’s chang’aa den in a bid to arrest her for brewing illegal alcohol.

Gladys Jebet Kiptoo, the woman in question, tried fleeing the scene but unfortunately ended drowning in a river on April 30, 2020.

Officials listed the case as unique because it would serve as a warning to other law enforcement agencies.

The local police opened an inquest into the matter where they collected witness statements. The police later forwarded the files to the Director of Public Prosecution’s office for action.

A the beginning of this month, the ODPP recommended that constables Eric Magoma, Kennedy Bii, and Nelson Kemboi be charged with manslaughter.

The ODPP further noted that their actions went against section 202 when read with section 205 of the penal code.

The three were arrested over the weekend as they wait to be arraigned in court.

According to section 213 of the penal code in Kenyan law, an individual has caused another’s person’s death if they threatened or participated in violence that caused the person to lose their life.

Such incidents commonly occur in public places where law enforcement agencies raid a place, and some people are seriously injured while others lose their lives.

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