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Thugs shoot KBC journalist dead

Betty Barasa, a Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist and video editor, passed on yesterday after suspected robbers shot her during a robbery in her Ngong’ home, Kajuiado County.

Reports indicate that Betty arrived home at around 8.20 pm. A gang of armed thugs was waiting at her gate. When the house help ran to open the gate for her, they forced their way into her compound. The house help ran screaming that there were intruders in the compound.

The family revealed that two of the thugs had AK47 rifles. They followed Betty to where she had parked her car and ordered her to get out. They led her into the house at gunpoint and ordered her children to lie down as they demanded money.

Betty’s husband and her children remained downstairs. They tried to tell the thugs to take whatever they wanted and spare them. It was at this moment that they heard two gunshots.

“Two of the thugs took her upstairs as one of them maltreated the husband. The husband can’t even explain what transpired. He just heard gunshots,” one source revealed.

Betty had reportedly just moved into her new home in Ngong’.

Dedicated journalist

Betty’s colleagues eulogized her as a talented, focused, and dedicated journalist.

“Rest in peace, our video editor Betty. You were the best video editor in our newsroom,” Mathias Momanyi, the KBC radio Taifa presenter, said.

“Last night, we lost our colleague, allegedly through murder. It is devastating.
Rest in peace, friend. Everyone at KBC is still in shock,” Bonnie Musambi, a KBC journalist, posted on his social media pages.

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