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Tob Cohen’s widow demands investigation of her late husband’s title

Sarah Wairumu Cohen, widow of the late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, has told a High Court that authorities have refused to investigate the will will her late husband allegedly authored.

Ms Wairimu claims the main reason Cohen’s family is pushing for the execution of the will is to deny her her rightful inheritance. The multi-million shilling estate comprises of a house, money in banks and motor vehicles.

Phillip Murgor, Ms Wairimu’s lawyer told the court that a document examiner examined the will dated April 30, 2019. The examiner found that the will was a forgery.

In the said will, Ms Wairimu does not inherit anything from her late husband’s estate. TobĀ  Cohen left all his assets and money to his relatives.

Without mentioning who forged the will, Mr Murgor said that they lodged a complaint with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). He said that they requested the body to conduct further investigations on the issue.

The lawyer also claimed that the DCI and Director of Public Prosecution are reluctant to investigate the complaint. Therefore, he wanted the court to give an order on the issue.

The murder case

Mr Murgor had initially filed a petition seeking the court to declare the murder case a mistrial. Ms Wairimu wanted to regain ownership of the Sh500 million home at Farasi Lane, Mugumoini Close in Nairobi, her two dogs, and a Porsche.

Cohen’s widow has alleged that she is entitled to half of the matrimonial home. Currently, police officers are guarding the home as a crime scene. Ms Wairimu claims that the officers have denied her access to the home. Additionally, she said that they want to to hand it over to Cohen’s relatives.

In support of her request to have the officers release the Porsche Cayenne to her, she said that it was her personalĀ  property. Ms Wairimu noted that it is not part of Tob Cohen’s estate.

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