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TSC CEO, Nancy Macharia, calls on all teachers to get their COVID vaccines

Nancy Macharia, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO, has called on all teachers to get their COVID-19 jabs.

Speaking during the announcement of the 2020 KCSE results, Macharia said that they were impressed by the high rate of vaccine uptake among teachers. She revealed that 151,494 tutors across the country had gotten their COVID-19 jabs by May 9th.

TSC impressed with showing

“This constitutes 48.9 % female teachers and 51 % male teachers,” Macharia said, “The TSC is impressed with this high rate of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among teachers. The majority of teachers aged 58 years and above have taken the jab.”

Mrs Macharia said that this was possible even with most teachers being on the mover, either due to the exam administration or during the marking exercise. She went on to call on all teachers to take full advantage of President Kenyatta’s directive and get the jab.

“Having concluded the exam period, I beseech all teachers to take the COVID-19 jab,” She said, “President Kenyatta granted all teachers the opportunity to get vaccinated regardless of their age. Let us use the gracious opportunity to protect our lives.”

COVID-19 kills 37 teachers

She noted, however, that the number of secondary school teachers to have died from the virus had risen to 37.

“It is sad to note that we have lost 37 secondary school teachers so far; these include 24 principals, three deputies and ten classroom teachers. We don’t want to continue losing our teachers. So, kindly take the COVID-19 vaccine in centres,” Macharia said.

Medical cover app

She also confirmed that the commission had already provided medical cover for COVID-19 related illnesses to teachers. They also had a medical insurance app through their health insurance provider, MINET. The app would allow teachers to have telemedical access anytime and from anywhere.

The WalimuCare app would ensure access to COVID-19 related health tips, track hospital visits, order medication, and manage the teachers’ dependents.

Schools have reopened today, with all classes but grade four reporting to school today.

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