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Tupelekeni polepole tafadhalini – Netizens react to Hantavirus eruption in China

China seems to be a bag full of surprises. The world is still reeling from the grave effects of the coronavirus, but the nation has recorded death from the Hantavirus.

The Global Times, a Chinese state media, announced through its Twitter handle of the unfortunate death.

This tweet caused panic and fear around the world, especially since the world is still struggling with coronavirus.

Symptoms of the Hantavirus

The Hantavirus exhibits symptoms similar to those of coronavirus.

However, the symptoms are different depending on how old the virus is in your body.

The early signs include:

  • Experiencing chills.
  • Having fever
  • Experiencing muscle aches

Later signs of the Hantavirus are:

  • Having a dry cough
  • Experiencing a headache
  • Having nausea and in some cases vomiting
  • Experiencing shortness of breath

Due to the few circumstances linked to the Hantavirus, it is still not yet clear how long its incubation period is.

Mode of transmission

The Hantavirus is transmitted through humans coming into contact with body fluids from rodents.

Humans can only get infected if they come into contact with rodent urine, faeces or saliva.

Human to human transmission is scarce and considered not possible. Therefore unless one plans on eating a rodent, they are safe.

It is, however, essential to maintain high levels of hygiene. Rodents usually are found in contaminated areas, although this is not always the case.

However, Hantavirus has a higher mortality rate than coronavirus. Currently, the mortality rate of Hantavirus stands at 33% and 3.4% for coronavirus.

Hantavirus history

However, Hantavirus is not a new disease. It was first discovered before the 1950s.

The virus originates from the Korean American war at the Hantan river.

The Ontario Ministry of Health reported the virus has been in existence in North America since the 1950s.

The US, on average reports 35 cases annually while Canada only reports an approximate 3 cases per year.

1993 saw an outbreak of an unexplainable disease affecting Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

Navajo, a young and athletic young man fell ill and died shortly. He suffered from shortness of breath and died rapidly despite efforts to rush him to a health facility in New Mexico.

As a result of the mystery involved with the illness, medical personnel undertook research trying to uncover the disease.

It was during their research that they discovered Navajo’s fiancee had also died some few days before. She had exhibited the same symptoms.

Further research revealed the virus was transmitted through rodents.

Netizens react

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