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U.S bans export of dogs from Kenya

The United States government agency has listed Kenya among 113 countries it considers high risk. In addition, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed the country among rabies red zone.

The U.S enforced the measure starting June 14 by forbidding the entry of dogs from the shortlisted countries.

This suspension applies to dogs that travelled out of the United States to high-risk countries, emotional support dogs and puppies. It also applies to dogs that have lived in high-risk countries in the past six months.

The report further indicates people planning to import dogs must write to the CDC and wait for 30 business days.

Additionally, the agency states repercussion for those who fail to adhere to the policy.

“Dogs arriving from the shortlisted countries won’t enter the country.  Instead, they’ll be sent back at the owner’s expense,” read the statement.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information report titled; A hundred years of rabies in Kenya and the strategy for eliminating dog mediated rabies by 2030, the disease will likely cause 59,000 deaths annually. Kenya’s first rabies case was reported in 1912 in a dog and 1928 in human.

Emily Pieracci, a veterinary medical officer at the CDC, said the numbers had escalated in the past year.

“The number of dogs coming into the country with falsified rabies vaccination certificate has increased,” she stated.

Kenya joins Egypt and 51 other countries listed by the agency in May 2019.

CDC advises countries listed as high risk to provide vaccine certificates for rabies despite not being necessary for entering the country.

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