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U.S. Department of States issues travel advisory to Kenya

The United States, through its Department of State, has issued a travel advisory to Kenya stating kidnapping, health issues, terrorism, crime, and Covid-19 in various towns.

The State Department has additionally said some Nairobi estates aren’t safe.

United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued the level 2 travel advisory for Kenya. The organization said the country had a moderate Covid-19 infection.

Further, the Department of State warned its citizens against traveling to Nairobi’s Kibera and Eastleigh estates at all costs because of kidnapping and crime.

“Take caution when traveling anywhere in Kenya after dark because of crime. Violent crimes such as kidnapping, home invasion, mugging and armed carjacking can happen at any time. Although local police are willing to help, they mostly lack the capability to respond effectively during these incidents,” read the statement.

It also said terrorist attacks had taken place with little or no warning targeting foreign and Kenyan government facilities, shopping malls/markets, resorts, places of worship, hotels, transportation hubs, and tourist locations.

According to the department, terrorist acts employed include kidnappings, bomb/grenade attacks, suicide operations, and armed assaults.

Following the risks, civil aviation working along the Kenyan-Somalia border, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).

Filing a notice to airmen by an aviation authority alerts aircraft pilots of potential danger along a specific location or a flight route that could threaten the flight.

Terms for visiting Kenya

Pay the U.S. Embassy’s page regarding Covid-19 a visit.

Take a look at CDC’s webpage about Covid-19 and travel.

Don’t resist any robbery attempt physically.

Follow local media news updates and prepare to adjust your plans.

Carry with you a U.S. visa and passport at all times

Review traveler’s checklist.

Have a contingency plan for leaving the country in case of an emergency.

The Department further warns its citizens against traveling to the Coastal areas or Kenyan-Somalia border because of terrorism.

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