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Uhuru comments on his relationship with Sonko

President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally aired his sentiments on his fallout with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Speaking during an interview that aired on several radio stations, the President said that he fell out with the former Governor because he (Sonko) was always fighting people.

The President noted that before Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) took over the city’s reins, development had been sluggish. He lauded General Mohammed Badi for the excellent work he had done so far.

“I’m the one who helped him get elected, but we fell out because he was always fighting people. Chaos everywhere. You can now see what our new person (Badi) has done on city roads and cleaning up Nairobi,” the President said.

“Nairobi is an example of how things can change. NMS is transforming the face of the city unlike it was previously,” he added.

When Sonko was still the Governor, he, on several occasions, attacked the NMS boss. All this began after the transfer of critical functions from Nairobi County Government to NMS.

Sonko often claimed that the government had coerced him into giving up the functions. Additionally, he claimed that NMS was an illegal institution. The rift between the President and Sonko seemed to widen after Sonko’s impeachment.

In the same interview, Uhuru said that those hurling insults at him were just wasting their time.

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