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Uhuru gives orders to new Class following government reshuffle

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Thursday, February 18, convened a meeting with officers in the Senior Ranks of the Executive after he reshuffled some officers in various ministries.

The meeting, which was held in State House, Nairobi, brought together Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, and Chief Administrative Secretaries.

In the meeting, the Head of State spoke to the officials on which government projects to prioritize in the current calendar year, among other matters, thoughtful on the status of the ongoing National Government programs covering the Vision 2030flagship projects and the Big 4 Agenda.

The President noted that “Among the top priorities is the completion of the ongoing government projects and programs cutting across all sectors and regions in the country.”

President Uhuru further directed the officers to ensure prudent utilization of public resources in service delivery, saying that Kenyans must always get the highest value return for their money.

He called on the officers to embrace teamwork and unity of purpose so that they will deliver the promise of a better and prosperous republic for all.

This comes a day after the President reshuffled the Principal Secretaries and CASs; 6CASs and 8PSs were reshuffled, and eight new appointed in the latest change.

In the new changes, the State Department for Mining was also combined with the State Department for Petroleum to form a single State Department within the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.

In the reshuffles, Dr. Belio Kipsang was moved from the Education Ministry to be the Permanent Secretary for State Department for Regional and Northern Corridor Department.

Dr. Juma Jwan replaced Kipsang as the Chief Assistant Secretary State Department for Early Learning &Basic Education.

Dr. Jwan previously served at the State Department for Vocational and Technical Training.

However, Deputy President William Ruto didn’t attend the meeting despite the meeting being organized by the President, who is his boss.

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