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Uhuru pressured to lock down country during Christmas

President Uhuru Kenyatta received a proposal from the Council of Governors on Friday. The Council of Governors urged the President to lock down the country during the Christmas festivities.

A section of Governors met the president right after his event in Hurlingham where he had commissioned the construction of the G47 Ugatuzi Tower.

The Governors noted that currently, hospitals in villages were struggling to deal with Covid-19 cases. This struggle is as a result of the significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

According to the Governors, a lot of people have started traveling upcountry for the holidays. Their concern is that Covid-19 asymptomatic patients may infect a lot of people, especially the elderly. Covid-19 could wipe out families and villages as well. Most hospitals in town are not well equipped and those in the village are in a worse state.

The president is yet to decide on the matter. He is waiting for a proposal from the National Emergency Response Committee (NERC). The committee will meet on Monday to discuss the possible measures.

Earlier this week, Interior PS Karanja Kibicho also suggested that the President locks down the country. He noted that letting people travel to the villages over the holidays would have grievous harm.


The government has placed new measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 in bars during the holidays. All bars will hire Covid-19 officers who will ensure compliance of the Covid-19 measures that the Ministry of Health has put in place.

Betty Maina, the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development, said that the government directed bar owners to form a ‘Bar Kumi’ initiative. She said that they would ensure all bars adhere to the set guidelines.

“Those looking for a colourful festive period should understand the difficult period the entire world is facing and shelve their plans for another time,” the Cabinet Secretary warned.

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