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    Using Tech to Make the Most of Travel

    Some argue that technology gets in the way of our lives, and while this may be correct when one thinks of TikTok which has little to offer but distraction, the opposite is true when you’re travelling and on the road.

    This is because our tech can be used to massively simplify and improve the process of navigating the world and uncovering the information we need, freeing us up to enjoy the ride.

    Here are just a few of the impressive ways that your tech can be used to be the most out of your globetrotting adventures.

    Use Search to Get the Creme of the Crop

    One of the simplest, yet most effective, ways that your smartphone or laptop can be used to optimise your travel experience is through the use of search engines, comparison platforms and review sites. Each of these specialise in delivering up to their users the best possible recommendations pertinent to their specific region and query.

    For example, gaming fans travelling through the Arabian gulf can make use of leading comparison platforms operating in that region to be made aware of the best casino sites available for use in Qatar.

    Not only does this let one quickly see which providers are operating in this country, but also comes with the added bonus of connecting users with the most competitive welcome bonuses and sign-up offers out there.

    Likewise, prominent travel sites like TripAdvisor have carved out a reputation for serving as a one-stop resource for travellers to get an overview of the most highly recommended attractions, venues and sights in the country or city they’re visiting.

    As this platform ranks these options by way of aggregated user reviews, you get to see which choices come recommended by real people, rather than having to rely on sponsored promotions.

    Finally, there’s no denying how powerful a tool conventional search engines are when you’re trying to quickly look up information or get directions in a pinch.

    Universal Translator

    In the past, navigating a country that speaks a foreign language was a significant challenge. People would have to resort to simple phrase books and hand gestures in order to find their way around and ask for information from locals.

    In the case of certain regions, which do not even share the same alphabet as the traveller in question, even this represented a significant obstacle.

    Fortunately, translation technology has come on leaps and bounds in the 21st century. Now Google Translate, the world’s leading translation tool, can rapidly translate contextual information into any number of supported languages in real-time.

    Recent versions have even added the ability to take photos of text appearing on signs, scan them, and then translate them as an augmented reality overlay.

    Amazingly, in a new Translate feature for Pixel Buds due to be rolled out to other manufacturers, Google Translate can now translate a conversation between two people in different languages in real-time audio, connecting people across the world like never before.

    Master Your Itinerary

    An increasing number of websites and services have sought to deliver comprehensive travel options to users by searching alternative routes and transport methods for getting from A to B.

    Among the best known of these is Rome2Rio, which not only serves up travel times and projected costs for a user’s preferred travel method between two points, but also compares this with alternative routes factoring in air travel, ferry journeys, car shares, taxis and buses.

    This comprehensive overview means that users are in a better position than ever before to adapt to changing conditions should a transport link break down or fail to materialise.

    Furthermore, services such as these can sometimes identify cheaper and faster routes than the user’s initial plan by linking together unexpected combinations of transport methods to get people to their destination quickly and efficiently.


    The mobile coupon industry in 2022 is enormous, with market leader Groupon leading the charge in providing coupons for over 45 million people in over 500 cities around the globe.

    Groupon has, over time, increasingly become a leading means by which attractions and venues in regions around the globe advertise their offerings to travellers passing through.

    As a result of this, Groupon is among the easiest ways to search for unique opportunities and short-term deals on popular restaurants, attractions and live venues, often resulting in impressive savings.

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