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What awaits Raila after his return home

Following ODM leader Raila Odinga’s return from his Dubai trip where he had gone for minor surgery, a lot of expectations await.

There has been tension between some of his supporters and those of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila’s supporters expect him to put an end to the scramble for National Assembly Committee posts.

Some legislators of the ODM party have downplayed the differences they have. However, some openly declared their displeasure for the sentiments of Jubilee Vice Chairman, David Murathe.

David Murathe alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta was only doing ODM a favor by giving some members of ODM positions in the National Assembly Committee. The positions fell vacant after the purge on Deputy President William Ruto’s allies.

The legislators are contesting some positions in the committees. Some of the positions include; chairmanship of the justice and legal affairs, and chairmanship of the budget committees.

However the ODM party claims that legislators have now agreed on who should take the two positions.

Victims of post election violence

Other than politics, Raila Odinga will also face pressure from the activists, families, and victims of the 2017 post election violence. They now see that the politician may not address their plight in a timely manner.

The victims believe that the nine point agenda, commonly known as the handshake, will make Raila Odinga lose sight of what is important. For this reason, they will pressurize him.

Speaking to a local media station, Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada aired his sentiments.

“The handshake can achieve its objectives if those who faced injustices, victims of post-election violence, are compensated and what we are seeing are delays that the government must address,” he said.

“These lot must be recognised in the BBI agenda in terms of compensation plans and be involved in the healing process,” he added.

Additionally, he noted that there is need for the government to compensate IDPs.

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