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Why you need a tax compliance certificate.

Do you know the pain of not having a tax compliance certificate?

A tax compliance certificate has become a crucial document in Kenya today. This document is issued by KRA upon request to show proof that one is tax compliant. It shows that a person has been remitting their taxes without fail within a period of 12 months.

Most employers have made it an essential requirement before hiring anyone for a job. No government agency will give you a job without a tax compliance certificate.

With KRA coming up with stringent rules, companies do not want to deal with people who are in bad books with KRA.

For those in the business of supplies, you cannot qualify for a tender without this certificate.

You can get the tax compliance certificate online using your iTax account. If you have tax arrears or have not been filing your tax returns, then your application will be rejected. You will get a notification through email.

Avoid losing opportunities because of not having this vital document. Go ahead and apply for one.

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