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Willy Paul savagely claps back at Bahati after claiming he used to write his songs

The king of clap backs, Willy Paul, has finally responded to singer Kelvin Bahati after the ‘Mama’ hit song maker claimed that he used to write songs for him.

The controversial artist releases the savage response to Bahati on Instagram after a long wait by fans who seems to enjoy the beef.

“So I’m told Bahati mtoto wa Diana, sorry bwana ya Diana said amekua akiniandikia nyimbo…this boy is funny. Ooh, Lord? My people, what do I tell this mtoto wa Diana?” read his post.

Last week, Bahati posted a TBT with pozze, as his fans call him, saying he misses the good old days when the two were in gospel and friends.

Bahati, who recently closed down his music label, EMB, citing envy and hate from the gospel industry, went on to claim that when the two were friends, he used to write songs for pozze.

“The days I used to write songs for this small boy. I have missed our childish days bro,” Bahati posted on Instagram.

In a video where Willy Paul was throwing shade to Bahati, he is seen driving a Mercedes Benz with his legs on a highway.

Many thought that the two rivals would end their beef after Willy Paul’s move to the secular world since they would no longer be competing, but the beef got nastier.

Bwana Mkunaji has been, on several occasions, imitating mtoto wa mama in a manner that shows that the two once good friends are still not in good terms.

The controversial musician also claimed that Bahati used to copy his style when he was in the gospel industry.

Pozze said that even after leaving the gospel industry for the likes of Bahati, the gospel artist now wants to follow suit after seeing his success in the secular world.

Willy Paul has made several collabos with various big artists like Harmonize, Rayvanny, the African Princess Nandy as well as Jamaican dancehall sensation Cecile with many questioning whether he still considers himself a gospel artist.

Well, fans have decided to sit back and watch the artists’ entertaining clap backs and new beef that come up every day.

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