Home News China Virus death toll rises to 1,113. Number of new cases decrease.

China Virus death toll rises to 1,113. Number of new cases decrease.

The World Health Organization has recently urged global unity to combat corona virus. The corona virus is a grave threat.

Recently, the corona virus has been renamed to COVID-119.


On Wednesday, 97 people died from the virus. This made the death toll rise to 1,113. Despite the death toll climbing, the number of new cases significantly reduced. The number of new infections have fallen for a second day straight.

Beijing is trying its best to contain the virus. For this reason, 174 people remain quarantined in a cruise ship. The cruise ship is off Japan’s coast. The 174 people were infected on the cruise ship. This is the biggest cluster outside the Chinese mainland.


According to official records, approximately 44,600 people have been infected with the newly named COVID-119 virus.

The World Heath Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) held its first international conference on combating the virus. The conference was in Geneva. Most scientists were in attendance.

On one hand, the World Health Organization chief Tedros Ghebreyesus termed the virus as a grave threat. While this is true, he assured scientists that there was a window of opportunity.

The opportunity was for them to hit hard and stand in unity to fight the virus. In addition, he urged them to invest in combating the virus. Generally, this would give them a realistic chance of stopping the virus.

Terrorist Action

The chief compared the virus to terrorist action. In the conference, he said that viruses can have more powerful consequences than any terrorist action. Indeed, they can cause way more damage.

Lock down

The Chinese authorities have locked down millions of people in Hubei province. Hubei province was the epicenter of the crisis. Most of the deaths so far have been in Hubei and Wuhan.

Several other provinces in China have restricted movements. For this reason, the government hopes it can contain the virus.

Most countries have banned arrivals from China. In fact, most major airlines halted flights to and from China.

Positive developments

Currently, the number of new cases in Hubei has fallen for two straight days. Outside Hubei, the number of new cases has declined over the past week.

There is hope that the virus will be contained.



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