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WRC Safari Rally: KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua slams comedian Eric Omondi for creating dirty content, he hits back.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua has called out award-winning comedian Eric Omondi for using the WRC Safari Rally event as a theatre of absurdity and immorality.

While speaking to the press, the self-proclaimed moral cop bashed Eric Omondi and other artists for creating obscene content, saying that they should instead be celebrating the Safari Rally after it came back to the country after 19 years.

He said that after a beautiful thing like Safari Rally, which has come back to the country after a long time, artists should be showing the visitors the country’s culture, food, and traditions, instead of creating dirty content on social media.

He urged Kenyans to rethink, arguing that some of the content they are creating now as artists and the media will be consumed by their children, and in another 20 or 30 years, they will not be as young as they are now.

He gave an example with Eric Omondi, saying that in some years to come, now one will know that the former Churchill Show comedian was once a famous and celebrated artiste.

Ezekiel Mutua added that in 50 years, Eric will be very old if he will still be alive, saying that he was urging him to create content that he will be proud of in years to come.

However, Eric did not take Mutua’s sentiments lightly as he quickly hit back, saying that he does not know what he ever did to Ezekiel Mutua.

The funnyman said that Mutua’s statement was archaic as the work of a creative or any serious comedian like himself is to simply mirror society.

“I reflect our behavior as a people so that we not only laugh at ourselves but also pick up a lesson or two. Bwana Mutua please wake up, these things are happening in our society and we need to ask ourselves why,” read part of his statement.

Omondi went on to remind Mutua that a few days ago, he strongly defended 2020 Presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi after his nude photos and videos leaked online, but he was now condemning a comedian for joking about almost the same thing.

He told the KFCB boss that he was like a parent who finds his children sweeping the house and asks them to keep the dirt and garbage under the carpet instead of taking the trash.

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