Barcelona Welcomes Betis With Open Arms 


Lionel Messi returns to Barcelona with Catalans welcoming Real Betis with open arms to the Camp Nou. Barcelona is confident to enter their first win on the campaign in the year 2019 to 2020 as they host Betis in La Liga’s Matchday 2.

Last weekend, the defending champions spearheaded the beginning of the new season with a defeat, scoring 1-0 at Athletic Bilbao. Aritz Aduriz successfully lived up to the expectations of fans. He showed his expertise, doing an overhead kick goal in between the game. Bouts of his skills appeared, leaving fans in awe.

Meanwhile, Real Betis also entered the game with an initial defeat. A score of 2-1 appeared due to Valladolid. The unfortunate turnover of events took place at the Benito Villamarin Stadium.

Moving over to team news, Barcelona received good karma because Lionel Messi, one of the best sports players in the world, especially in football, has made his grand return as a captain. Earlier this week, he was training for the upcoming matches. 

The exciting return of the superstar prompted fans to go all the way with their support. Sports tabloids and websites are also experiencing a rise in visitor traffic. Most online betting websites like Betway are receiving fans waiting to place their bets for their favorite teams, including Lionel Messi’s.

On the other hand, Ernesto Valverde pours out his sentiments to Luis Suarez, an iconic superstar who had an unexpected muscle injury during the opener event. The unfortunate event took place when they were competing against Athletic Bilbao.

The constant travelling to Barcelona is not new for Real Betis. However, travelling without their best goalkeeper, Joel Robles, was deemed difficult for the team. It was widely known that the iconic player was sent off last Sunday. To add, it took only eight minutes. It was also made known to the general public that Borja Iglesias, a new signee, is said to skip the match because of a sprained ankle.

The managers’ side

According to Ernesto Valverde, he claims that Real Betis is a good side. The remark was made as they strut to Camp Nou in order to play the game to the fullest and get something out of it with the Spanish victors. 

Valverde also mentioned that Betis’ side contains many outstanding players ready for competitions. The same players mentioned were also not far off from penetrating the Europa League last season games. He also continued praising Betis during a press conference before the match due to their planned European campaign. Aside from that, they also have what it takes to get to the peak of the La Liga with the upcoming seasonal games.


As Barcelona welcomes Betis, many sports fans are on the edge again as Lionel Messi makes a grand return. Online betting websites like Betway are expecting many visitors this time around compared to sports events that happened before. As Betway prioritizes fans and their willingness to bet for their chosen sports teams, the layout of the website and its functionalities are fixed in order to keep up with the demands. 

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