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    European Super League founders remain defiant amidst collapsing project

    The people behind the collapsing European Super League have maintained a defiant tone even as the project collapses around them.

    Football fans all over the world united in their opposition to the European Super League project. The ESL would have seen top teams in Europe’s three major Leagues – EPL, La Liga, and Serie A breakaway to form their exclusive League.

    Widespread opposition

    However, the plan caused widespread opposition, with everyone, from fans to players, openly opposed the project.

    With backlash on the League growing each day, Premier League top clubs slowly began withdrawing from the planned ESL. Chelsea led the walkout, with Manchester City soon following suit. Soon afterward, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham followed suit.

    All the English clubs issued statements confirming their exit from the ESL, with Arsenal issuing an apology. Liverpool’s John W Henry also sent out a statement to the club’s fans, asking for their forgiveness for the move.

    In Spain, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid also walked out of the League as the grand plan of a ‘revolution’ fell into tatters barely two days after official declaration.

    Super League confirms plan still on

    However, according to The Athletic, the European Super League has insisted on the plans for a formation of a new league.

    In a statement, the Super League said they proposed a new European competition since the current format was not working.

    “Our proposal aims to allow the sport to evolve while growing revenue and stability for the full football pyramid,” part of the statement said.

    “Despite the departure of English Clubs…due to pressure on them, we are convinced that our proposal is fully in line with the European law and regulations… We shall reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project.”

    The European Super League remains convinced that their goal would offer fans the best experience for the game. However, the current reality is that their initial plans are no longer viable.

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