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Fifa award for Kenyan initiative helping empower young girls

Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI) has won FIFA diversity award 2018. HODI was recognized for their role on how they have impacted young girls’ lives with football. Even if you love betting with betbonus.co.ke, we are sure you would know that it is this little gestures that help develop football in Kenya.

A Look at the Award

The FIFA diversity award was the third award which was presented at anti-discriminatory in London. The award recognizes organizations which strive to impact anti-discrimination and diversity. Through football, an organization brings people together to share a common love.

HODI was founded in 2003 by Fatuma Abdulkadir Adam. It is based in Marsabit and Moyale. It is a non-profit organization which was legally registered in 2007.

HODI works closely with girls to help them break the silence if the issues which affect them. They have created a safe space for them to learn and play football.

The organization started a unique programme with the motto ” Shoot to Score Not to Kill.” This has been their flagship programme which has impacted on young girls lives. It aims to resolve conflict in areas which are inflicted with persistent tribal warfares. The programme has led to 15 leagues which are played in Marsabit.

Shoot to score does not condone violence either on or off the field. There are no yellow or red cards. Instead of good deeds such as resolving conflict are awarded. This has helped young people not to be sucked in the ethnic rivalry.

HODI works closely together with schools. Group discussions are major things which have helped many young girls open up. HODI has given them a platform to share how tribal clashes have affected their lives.

HODI has given the young girls a voice. Some of the girls were not allowed to kick a ball. But it is through the power of football that they have learnt to stand up for their rights and avoid discrimination. Some of the problems they face include early marriage and genital mutilation. A lot of them have to drop out of school because of their customs and traditions.

Football has given them a chance to change their lives. HODI has also trained paralegals who provide legal aid to young girls and women. The graduates from HODI help the entire society to become better people of the society.

Currently, HODI works with 25 kids who help them out and over seven thousand girls are under their care.

The FIFA diversity award was started two years ago to recognize organizations which use the power of football to change lives. Other countries which have won the award include India, USA, Nicaragua and Uganda.

HODI was selected as the winner from a panel of high profile figures. Some of them are renowned figures in the football arena. They include- Clarence Seedorf, Khalida Papal, Lydia Nsekera and Abby Wambach.  

HODI will now be part of the panel of Judges for the 2019 FIFA Diversity Award.

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