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AC Milan: the strong speech of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Returning to AC Milan last season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was quick to clear doubts about the performance at the top level of a player now 39 years old. Author of 10 Serie A goals in 2019/2020, the Swede has already equaled his mark this season after only 6 games. Performance of choice which allowed the Rossoneri to regain the top of the Italian championship. During an interview with UEFA, and relayed on the official website of the Lombard club, Ibra revealed the secret of his eternal motivation.

“It’s all about the challenges in life. I felt I had done enough. And I came to a point where I wondered whether I should keep playing or not. For me, it was a great challenge to come back here to try to help change mentalities, the situation. And to help my teammates understand what Milan is, the Milan that I know and that everyone knows. When I play, I bring my character, my personality and of course my qualities. I put a lot of pressure on my teammates. I try to give the best of themselves. Some take it well, others less, and some do not respond. They find it difficult because they play at their best only when necessary. But I decided that we had to be efficient every day. Whether you are young or old, I put the same pressure on you because if you are there, it is for a reason: it is that you are good. Off the pitch, I talk to young people differently, my behavior is different from what I have with older people. But in the field, they are all treated the same. I am never satisfied, I always want more. That’s why I’m here today: I’m still able to perform and do what I do. I don’t see a lot of players doing or doing what I’m doing. I consider myself as Benjamin Button, every day I get younger. As long as I can, I will play, I promise you. The day I am no longer performing, I will no longer play. I need to feel alive ”. And the least we can say is that Ibra is alive and well this season!

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