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Adrien Rabiot’s confidences on Juventus Turin and Cristiano Ronaldo

Adrien Rabiot confided in his arrival at Juventus Turin, on the workload and the differences observed and on the hygiene of life and the irreproachable rigor of his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Adrien Rabiot has not yet become an essential holder at Juventus Turin. The 26-year-old French midfielder alternates between different periods with his team, sometimes essential, sometimes relegated to the sidelines. But overall, his Italian adventure is going quite well. Rather rare in an interview, he confided in his arrival at Juventus to the site Billions Keys. An arrival as a free player after the end of his contract at Paris Saint-Germain.

“When I arrived, I already considered myself a big boy. I signed there when I was 24, it’s not like I came right after my training. It is certain that by signing abroad a lot will change. With each passing day, we mature. It’s a different kind of football, a different way of doing things, another language. It is an important change at all levels ”, he exposes. And as often, the famous changes in question concern the work in the trainings, the implication requested. Rabiot thus explains the rhythm imposed by the club.

Rabiot discusses amount of work at Juve

“We always have an appointment one hour before the start of the training session which starts at 11:00 am on the field. However, at 10:30 am everyone is in the weight room. We carry out prevention work. Everyone does according to their current needs. At Juventus, this is a very important aspect. At PSG, we could stay in the locker room without doing this work before a session. Here, it works very hard between two matches. After each workout, we take a lot of time for care and recovery work. It’s very professional at this level. The Italian mentality does not tolerate any deviation on this plan ”. This will once again relaunch the debate on the lack of work of French clubs but also on the involvement of players which increases when they go abroad.

Finally, Rabiot has rightly mentioned the workload inflicted on himself by his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. “Since I have worked with Cristiano, he has shown great rigor in his daily work. We often repeat ourselves about it, but there is no secret. (…) It cannot be learned, it is a state of mind, a question of will. This is what I get from him on a daily basis, this desire to stay focused on his athletic performance. At his age, he plays almost all the matches, which accumulates fatigue, a real energy expenditure and yet he always responds. His unfailing determination is exemplary. “ It remains to be seen whether Rabiot will manage to apply it so frequently.

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