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Ajax: the club agree to a return of Huntelaar to Schalke?

While he had suggested that this season would be the last of his career, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar could be tempted, at 37, to finish it on the side of Schalke 04 rather than Ajax. The German club are interested in the idea of ​​recovering their former player (2010-2017) for the next six months.

It’s in an interview with ESPN that the Dutch striker has raised a possible return to the Bundesliga. “Schalke? I want to think about it one more night and discuss it with Ajax afterwards. It will be a difficult decision, I think Ajax will allow it. I can see myself doing that “, said the player who has just scored twice in the league against Twente. His coach Ten Haag also returned to the German club’s interest in his protégé. “Klaas-Jan is an icon there, but he’s not there yet. I am aware of the interest, but I do not know where it will lead. I don’t take care of that now, I take care of the game. Let me say it up front: I would like to keep him at Ajax ”, he said. For his last months on the lawns, Huntelaar will have the choice between his two heart clubs.

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