Aleksander Ceferin knocks out La Liga and Real Madrid


After Kylian Mbappé’s extension to PSG, Real Madrid and La Liga denounced an injustice orchestrated by PSG and Qatar depriving them of seeing Mbappé land in Spain. For the BBCUEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is clear, no one will tell him what to do: “Anyone who respects our rules is welcome in our competitions; anyone who breaks the rules won’t be. Real Madrid or anyone else is not going to tell Uefa what to do. They are outraged from a certain point of view and as far as I can tell their offer was similar to the one [du PSG].”

He then returned to the criticism of the States which run clubs. Moreover, he sees no difference with other types of owner: “I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, tell me one argument why they shouldn’t own a club. If you say the clubs belong to the fans, don’t you think that for example English clubs have owners – they have owners from the United States, some from the Middle East, they have owners from England. So it’s exactly the same situation and I’m really tired of these accusations without any concrete basis. I want to know who broke the rules and if you break the rules then you will be punished.”

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