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Barça vice-president looks back on Lionel Messi’s failed extension

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, the vice-president of FC Barcelona confided in the non-extension of Lionel Messi, who finally left for Paris Saint-Germain this summer: “In all negotiations, and especially with the people you talk to and like a lot, there are different phases where the tension is normal, a positive tension, of course. When both parties want to continue, but you see that for many reasons, in this case because of LaLiga’s “fair play”, this is not going to be possible and the other party has difficulty understanding, it is it is normal that there are tensions. “

Rafael Yuste also returned to the discussions with his father and agent, Jorge Messi: “We spoke and we said things very clearly, nothing more, at no time did I argue with him. I showed him the club situation, that when we arrived we thought it was bad, but when we were already negotiating we found out that the economic situation was not bad but that there was a technical failure. And it had to be explained. “

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