Carlo Ancelotti thwarts Real Madrid plans for Eden Hazard


Despite Eden Hazard’s repeated injuries and overall poor form since joining Real Madrid three years ago, Carlo Ancelotti wants to keep the Belgian. But that’s not really to his club’s taste…

Everything is going well at the moment at Real Madrid: winner without a big rival in La Liga this season, qualified for the Champions League final after completely crazy matches against PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City, a Karim Benzema who walks on the water and big favorite for the Ballon d’Or awarded at the end of the season. All that’s missing is the announcement of the recruitment of Kylian Mbappé for everything to be absolutely perfect. We would almost forget the club’s problems, such as the thorny Eden Hazard case.

Again injured since mid-March and a crack in the fibula, the Belgian winger did not even participate in this incredible C1 knockout campaign. He simply played 8 minutes in the first leg against PSG in mid-February. A terrible observation but in the image of what he has become since he was transferred to Spain against 100 M€ (or 160 M€ according to certain revelations). Plagued by physical problems and now a simple substitute (when he is available), he has only participated in 22 games for 1 goal and 2 assists in all competitions this season.

Ancelotti: “Hazard’s plan is clear: he stays”

The 877 minutes played represent a starving record and it’s been going on for three years now. Real Madrid would like to get rid of him because he would free up wages, even for a loan as we revealed at the beginning of April, but that is not really the intention of the player, nor even of Carlo Ancelotti who would like to see him stay. “We haven’t talked about it. His plan is quite clear: he stays and he does it with a lot of motivation because he hasn’t had a good time in recent years and he wants to show his quality. Hazard’s plan is clear: he stays.assures the Italian in a press conference on the eve of the trip to Cadiz.

A penultimate day of La Liga in which Hazard will not participate, still injured but he will have playing time next season. “There are a lot of games, there is fatigue, there will be rotations even if this year there have not been many. Everyone can have their chance. Being a starter in a big team is very difficult for everyone, not just for players who play less. I still think the quantity of minutes is not as important as the quality. This year, we have the example of Rodrygo, who did not play a lot but each time, he brought quality and made the difference.

Taking the example of the young Brazilian, decisive during his entry into the Champions League in particular, this is what the former star of Chelsea must cling to. He will still have all summer to refine his recovery and return to the start of the school year with a brand new body, unlike a year ago when his “coated” physique made the headlines of the Spanish press. It will also be necessary to convince its management to keep it, especially if it strengthens its workforce with the arrival of a certain French world champion: Kylian Mbappé.

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