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EdF: Didier Deschamps does not rule out the idea of ​​continuing after the 2022 World Cup

While the France team must face Germany on Tuesday evening for its first group stage match of Euro 2020, the competition will begin this Friday with a meeting between Turkey and Italy. On the eve of the launch of this European Championship, the coach of the Blues Didier Deschamps spoke in an interview with the Figaro by answering questions from personalities. And concerning that on his future and his successor, the former OM coach did not hide that it was possible to continue after the 2022 World Cup, the date of the end of his current contract.

“It doesn’t matter (the name of his successor, editor’s note). There will be another one after me, I know that I replaced someone (Laurent Blanc) and it will be the same for me. I just hope it will be as late as possible… I know there won’t be the slightest little thought on my part to say “as long as it doesn’t go so well”. Obviously it won’t be easy for him to do better, he could do just as well, better (he pouted), anything is possible. I do not ask myself the question, because it is not topical. I still have to reckon with me for some time, why not even after 2022… ”, released DD.

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