FC Barcelona: nothing is going well for Sergio Busquets


During the Catalan derby, the Blaugrana midfielder again made a mediocre copy…

Fundamental. Essential. This is how Xavi views his former teammate. However, it is clear that the great Busquets is well behind us, and it does not date from today. Sunday evening again, the defensive midfielder was, on many occasions, in difficulty. This is already obvious on the offensive sequences, where its role is no longer limited to ensuring more or less clean transmissions without breaking lines, but especially when the team is defending. More and more, his opposite circles manage to find spaces behind his back to serve their attackers.

We can say that on Sunday evening, Sergi Darder took advantage of the increasingly obvious shortcomings of the La Roja player to distinguish himself and shine. It should also be noted that Busi is having more and more difficulty in defensive withdrawal, which is fatal for Xavi’s team, at a time when more and more La Liga teams are playing in rapid transition. From there to say that Busquets is a burden for the team, there is only one (small) step. More and more, fans are starting to cringe over his case, and Xavi is not spared.

The debate of the “vacas sagradas”

Against Espanyol, he thus played the entire match, where De Jong was released quite early in the second period, he who did not however deliver a bad performance. The hypothesis of seeing the Dutchman take the place of the Catalan in front of the defense had often been mentioned by the media and the Barcelona supporters, but it obviously did not even cross the mind of the Barcelona coach. What revive the debate on the executives of the locker room – the vacas sagradassacred cows – who would be privileged and practically untouchable, with Busquets at the top of the list therefore, but also Jordi Alba or Gerard Pique.

If Sergio Busquets can possibly still be useful when the team has a very pronounced possession against a less dangerous rival, it is clear that he is out of step with the dynamics of the team, both when it comes to defending and when is about attacking. A difficult file to manage for Xavi, and which is likely to really start to annoy more than one in Barcelona. For now, the local media remains quite lenient with him, not overwhelming him more than that. But the situation could quickly change…

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