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FC Barcelona: why Lionel Messi has not yet extended

The Catalan press says a little more about the situation of the Argentine star on this Monday morning.

The Messi soap opera. In Catalonia, this is the subject that has fascinated the crowds in recent months. If we use the past, it is because a priori everything is OK for the Argentine’s new contract with the Barcelona team. This is a new 5-year lease, with wages reduced by at least 50% to help his club cope with their difficult, if not catastrophic, financial situation.

For weeks now, Joan Laporta has been sending reassuring messages on this subject. On the side of the Argentinian clan, we have not yet spoken, but it must be said that the main concerned is now enjoying a vacation in Miami. At the same time, the Barça boss had to succeed in lowering the payroll of his workforce to register La Pulga and the new recruits, and it is obviously done.

Messi, the example?

As explained Sport, the Argentine will officially extend during the month of August, and presumably during the first week of this eighth month of the year. A date that also corresponds to his return from vacation, when he can physically sign this new lease with his training club. A contract that is not yet fully written anyway, even if there is full agreement on the main points such as salary. The lawyers of the native of Rosario and those of the club are therefore still settling some administrative details, and FC Barcelona is eager to announce the news.

No hassle for Blaugrana fans therefore, we just have to wait for the player to return from vacation and the end of the paperwork. The Iberian media also explains that Catalan leaders hope that the sacrifice of number 10 in terms of salary will encourage the other players in the workforce to do the same, while a negotiation for a drop in general emoluments is underway with the workforce. But that promises to be more complicated …

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