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Inter Milan: how Romelu Lukaku got even better

Top scorer at Inter, second top scorer in Serie A, Romelu Lukaku is undoubtedly one of the keys to Inter Milan’s success. A success that he explains by his hard work in training and the motivation brought by Antonio Conte, his trainer.

Romelu Lukaku can be proud. He became Italian champion with Inter Milan. Not insignificant for the Belgian, who had until then only won the Belgian championship with Anderlecht in 2010. Often placed (second with Manchester United in 2018 and with Inter in 2020), rarely a winner, this time he obtained the trophy in which he played a major part. With 21 goals and 10 assists, he is the key man in the title.

Asked by The gallery, Romelu Lukaku paid tribute to his trainer Antonio Conte, the one who recruited him and who made him his flagship man. “I will fight to the death for him. I had not been able to join him at Chelsea, but I had always said that I would evolve under him the day I left Manchester United. He said directly to me: “If you don’t work in training, you won’t play, and it is essential that you can play with your back to the goal.” It is also important to meet people who really tell you the truth to progress. This was the case with Eto’o, Drogba, Henry … “, says the 27-year-old.

Permanent work with your back to the goal

The back-to-goal work has also been one of the keystones of his successful season, as he explains. “A click has taken place on the mental level. I told myself that at 27, almost 28, it was now or never. In a career, you can score 500 goals, but if at the end of the day you don’t get a title, it’s worthless. I also progressed with my back to the goal, thanks to the work with a machine in training. This sends me balls at 30-40 km / h, and I have to put away towards teammates. Previously, I was a second behind my defender. Now I’m two seconds ahead. Even if it will never be my preference, I therefore fulfill a pivotal role, a bit like Shaquille O’Neal in basketball (laughs). Having issued ten assists fills me with pride. “

Work, a trainer who made him progress, good advice from references in the position, this is Romelu Lukaku’s recipe for reaching a new level in his career. Only preceded by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Serie A scorers’ standings, the Belgian striker may be able to devote his energy to passing him in the last four meetings of the season, with in particular a Juventus-Inter as a handover of power. May 15 next.

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