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Inter: the expulsion of Arturo Vidal does not go to Antonio Conte

Beaten on their lawn by an effective Real Madrid this Wednesday evening, the Inter players never managed to find a solution in this match (0-2). Especially since the expulsion of Arturo Vidal at the half-hour mark did not help matters. Indeed, after having suffered, according to him, a fault in the Madrid area, the Chilean midfielder recovered before insulting the referee. Anthony Taylor simply took out a yellow card before seeing red and expelling the Inter player, too insistent in the eyes of the English referee. A decision that obviously does not seem to the taste of the Nerazzurri coach who did not fail to let it be known at a press conference at the end of the meeting.

“Let’s not talk about refereeing, even if you have to be smart and not ruin matches like that. I don’t know what Vidal said to the referee but to leave a team at ten in the 33rd minute is to kill them. Only time will help us grow and better manage these types of matches. It is already difficult to play against a team of the level of Real Madrid, then when with a goal behind and at ten after half an hour, the mountain becomes very difficult to climb ” thus entrusted the Italian, all the same aware of the error of his player.

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