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Leonardo Jardim applies to coach a top club!

Without a club since his ouster from AS Monaco, the Portuguese wants to find a sideline. And he is not lacking in ambition.

Revealed to the general public during his first stint at AS Monaco, during which he won a French league title and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2017, Leonardo Jardim has since disappeared from the football scene. Recalled then fired from ASM in 2019, the Portuguese technician still lives in the Principality, but he is starting to find the time long.

After taking advantage of his investments in wine and olive oil, the former asemist coach broke the silence in the columns of The team to announce his desire to find a sideline. And not just any. Jardim aims high. “When I was fired a year and a half ago, well not yet a year and a half, a year and five months ago, I announced to my family: I will only agree to leave for a big project, a top club. Only for that. This offer has not arrived. (…) And I continue to think that I can find a project that interests me in Europe. A club that wants to win, to play at the top of the table ”.

Jardim believes in his chances

Passed by Braga, Olympiakos, Sporting CP and Monaco, Jardim has never had his chance with the gratin of European football despite his record of service. Less bankable, less “sexy” in the media than some of his colleagues, the Lusitanian has also admitted on a daily basis that he was evolving in the “Sixth division” of communication. A slight handicap when it comes to finding a place in the sun. But Jardim remains convinced that the clubs will recognize his potential.

“My strong point is to have always achieved the goal, even during my second visit to Monaco. And to have formed a bunch of players who play today at a very high level, and that is not luck. The leaders know that, they don’t come because I am photogenic or because I look like a French or English teacher: they come for training and the rage to win. (…) I did not go to football to be on TV. “ A fierce desire to find the lawns for a coach who declared “Do not imagine” be on June 1st without a club …

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