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Manchester United: it becomes unbearable for Ole Gunnar Solskjær!

After the crushing defeat of the Red Devils against enemy Liverpool, the Norwegian coach is more than ever criticized.

The Mancunian fans who leave Old Trafford on the hour mark. This is undoubtedly the image of the weekend in England, as the Red Devils lost by a heavy score of 5-0 against their rival Liverpool in this very unbalanced England derby. A humiliation which is logically the fat of the British press on this Monday morning. And above all, there is a man who takes a lot: Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

This is hardly surprising, you might say, as the Norwegian has been criticized for a long time by the press and a good part of the fans. But that rout and the football lesson inflicted by the enemies Reds will likely have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Consultants, media and supporters gave it their all …

OGS’s worst day at the helm of Manchester

“It was a monstrous day for Manchester United. They were wiped out. It was unacceptable. The next 24 hours are going to be as hot as they’ve ever been at this club. As soon as they faced a good team they were torn to shreds and that told them exactly where they were at ”, said Gary Neville on Sky Sports, joined by Jamie Carragher: “I think Ole did a good job, but to face Klopp, Tuchel and Pep, Manchester United need a better manager. I’m not comfortable saying someone should be fired, but we’re comfortable saying Fred isn’t good enough or Scott McTominay isn’t good enough so I don’t feel not too bad to say that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not good enough ”.

A statement of failure shared by the main concerned. “It’s not easy to say something other than it’s the darkest day I’ve had leading these players. I’m in charge, that’s all. The staff are brilliant and I choose the way we approach the game and today we weren’t clinical enough to move forward ”, for his part launched the former Norwegian striker. The next few hours are likely to be very busy on the Old Trafford side …

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