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Mikel Arteta for the implementation of a temporary change in the event of a concussion

Last Sunday, during Arsenal’s defeat on home turf against Wolverhampton (1-2), David Luiz and Raul Jimenez accidentally collided. If the Wolves striker went out on a stretcher after having been billed for the skull, the Brazilian defender took part after the first period, despite the blood flowing from his head bandage. A decision that is not easy for Arsenal’s doctors to take, which has however led to some criticism, in particular from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) who recently announced that trials will begin soon to allow clubs to receive an additional interim change if medics believe a player has suffered a concussion.

If the FIFPro said this decision would not solve the problem, as doctors would not be able to make such a decision so quickly, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday that Mikel Arteta supported this move, believing that a temporary change should be offered to the team concerned. “He did all the tests, followed all the protocols and we were comfortable for him to continue. But really you have to make a decision in a minute when someone is bleeding, when you have someone next to you whose life is in danger and maybe this is a time when we can use a temporary change to give more time for these people ”. It remains to be seen whether the IFAB will succeed in implementing this new rule.

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