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OL: Rudi Garcia praises Rayan Cherki

Not often titular with the Gones, Rayan Cherki remains an element very appreciated by Rudi Garcia.

Launched in the deep end of Ligue 1 by Rudi Garcia last season, Rayan Cherki is the nugget on which Olympique Lyonnais relies heavily. At 17, the young striker scoops up playing time, but often starts the matches in the shoes of the substitute (5 starts in 25 appearances in L1). Author of two decisive passes, the number 18 of the Rhone is nonetheless an appreciated element.

And against Monaco, his winning goal earned him a concert of praise. Praises that were repeated this Friday at a press conference. “I have a lot of affection for Rayan, he has a crazy talent. After that, it’s normal that he has a progression since this season and last season that is made up of ups and downs. What is certain is that he is a worker, he listens. It’s very interesting for him and the team ”, said Rudi Garcia, before continuing.

Garcia loves Cherki

“It begins to store instructions, it begins to be decisive. Even with little playing time, he was able to make a difference. For a player of his quality, it’s easier to tell the difference over 95 minutes. This is a definite asset for the end of the season. “ Not sure of staying on the OL bench next season, Garcia is also very optimistic for the future of Gones.

“We will take stock of the season after Nice. It is a group in the making, with a lot of young people. OL have a squad which, with experience, work and playing time, will progress enormously. It is a workforce of the future. It will be necessary to continue to supervise them well. The potential of young people is there, and more particularly that of Rayan. “ The interested party will appreciate.

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