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Olympique Lyonnais – Nîmes Olympique: the match notes

After an interesting first period, OL stopped playing when they returned from the locker room, conceding a frustrating but not illogical draw (0-0) against Nîmes.

OL were already under the pressure of the result tonight. In inauguration of this 4th day of Ligue 1, the recent semi-finalists of the Champions League received Nîmes Olympique after a delicate start to the championship; a success, a draw and a defeat in Montpellier in the middle of the week. Between the probable departures of Dembélé, Depay and / or Aouar, the tension is palpable at the moment in Lyon. Proof of the search for optimization of the collective, Rudi Garcia changed his 3-5-2 for a 4-4-2, without Aouar suspended, but with Cornet and Cherki on the wings in support of the duo Memphis / Dembélé, and the tenure of young Malvin Bard. Opposite, Nîmes made a decent start to the season but only collected three points.

In addition to that, Jérôme Arpinon had to face a cascade of wounded (Alakouch, Martinez, Meling, Deaux, Philippoteaux, Valerio and Koné). Thus, in this 4-3-3 Duljevic celebrated his first tenure at the top and played in the company of Ferhat and Ripart. The Nîmes animation seemed rather consistent at the start of the meeting. The Bosnian striker and Ferhat coordinated well to achieve this parade of Lopes after the strike of Fomba (4th). Ripart engaged him to find the Lyon bar (11th). OL were hot but were not left out either. In this particularly rhythmic and interesting start to the meeting, Cornet was unable to beat Reynet in this duel (8th), while Dembélé did not frame his head against goal (10th).

Lyon promises in the first period then nothingness

The locals generally dominated this meeting but did not master all the elements, often taking water on the many opposing blocks. We felt a little better compared to the last outings but it lacked realism in front and especially the right choices. And when all these ingredients were together, it was Ripart who released this hot balloon in his six meters (23rd). It was also necessary to remain vigilant because the Crocs did not hesitate to bite like this huge strike from Ferhat just slammed by Lopes (42nd). The entry of Toko Ekambi in place of Cornet at the break didn’t change much. Worse, OL lost in intensity and technical precision in this second period.

However, they occupied more half of the field but faced with a collective which only thought of defending the point of draw, the Gones could not get out of this funnel. Guimaraes was constantly looking for the sides, Depay went back down to look for the balls leaving Dembélé alone in the lead, Cherki too often opted in favor of individual choices. The opportunities were much rarer since it was only necessary to count on this goal logically refused to Dembélé (50th), a missed number from Depay (57th) or to rely on hypothetical guards faults in the area. Twice, Ripart (66th) with his hand, then Briançon hanging the jersey of Dembélé (83rd), escaped the severity of the referee and the VAR. Reynet finally interposed on this feeble header from Kadewere (90th) and preserved the draw. OL have 5 points after 4 Ligue 1 games.

Relive the film of the meeting on our live.

Man of the match: Ripart (6.5): very good back to the game (1st), the Crocos striker very often put the Lyon defense in difficulty with his power (27th, 30th) and created the most dangerous opportunity of the first act on this dry strike pushed back by the bar transverse (11th). His miraculous rescue with the tip of his foot in front of Cornet saved his family (23rd). Much less in sight in the second half, as the Lyonnais stole the ball.

Olympique Lyonnais:

  • Lopes (6.5): not really annoyed by the arrival of his lining in the early evening, the goalkeeper was invaluable in this meeting. A first decisive stop on this sudden shot from Fomba (4th) then a ball stopped in two stages (30th). He flies especially on this shot from Ferhat in a closed angle which took the path of his skylight (42nd).

  • Dubois (5): available on his side, the French international made a good copy in the offensive register. Rather adroit to cross, he could have been credited with an assist without the clumsiness of his attackers (10th). Defensively, it was more complicated in the face of Ripart’s movements and Miguel’s anger. He made a few mistakes and was even warned (52nd). Replaced by the young Diomandé (56th) which was making its first appearance among professionals. He evolved right back, he who is a central defender and experienced a peaceful end to the game.

  • Marcelo (5): fortunately Nîmes did not attack with more players otherwise the Brazilian would probably have experienced an ordeal. Despite the low number of opponents in the offensive phase, he suffered in the duel and speed (10th, 42nd). More comfortable against Roux, he will also have been level with the ball, like these two transmissions for Dubois in the back of the defense (17th, 34th).

  • Denayer (4.5): like his friend, he paradoxically suffered in the impact this evening. Embarrassed by Duljevic’s races and Ferhat’s dribbling, the Belgian did not show much confidence. It must be said that to start his match, he is guilty of a bad clearance in his area which could have been expensive (4th).

  • Bard (5): for his first tenure in Ligue 1, the young side has shown some good and some not so good. Some sharp comebacks (21st) and a certain offensive going, even if its complementarity is not yet obvious with Cornet, but it has known too many technical inaccuracies. He also left a lot of space behind his back. Suffering from the movements of Ferhat.

  • Guimaraes (5.5):once again called up for the Brazilian team, the midfielder will have been relatively discreet for half an hour before showing up. Often opting for the right choices, he tried to rule out his team’s play. He used it little this evening but his long game is often effective (45th). Facing Fomba and Sarr, he struggled physically.

  • Caqueret (5.5): regulator of the midfield, he still showed his maturity by orienting the direction of the game according to the situation, despite his poor experience. His first 45 minutes are really interesting but he lost many duels in the midfield which put his team in the hard. Replaced by Jean Lucas (62nd) whose entry has done good physically but not always technically. Warned for excess commitment (90th + 5).

  • Cherki (6): this time the Lyon nugget started in the right lane of the attack but he quickly displayed his mobility, often coming to seek the ball between the lines. It is also from the left side that he sent these first two hot balloons into the surface (20th, 23rd). In legs, he was regularly stopped illegally by the Nîmes. We saw him less in the second half where he played too much stopped. Replaced by Kadewere (86th).

  • Cornet (3,5): again holder but this time by evolving a little higher on the ground in this 4-4-2, the former Messin was highlighted this evening but he knows too much waste in zone of truth. After losing his duel against Reynet (8th), he did not make the right choice on this center (20th), then once again misses the ball in the area… Replaced by Toko Ekambi at the break (46th – note 3) who went through this second period like a ghost. Aligned on the left side, we did not see it. No mobility, little commitment, in short, a difficult evening for him.

  • Memphis (4): the one who has just recovered the 10 has not really lived up to his new number. Slightly further back than Dembélé on the front of the attack, he was able to participate in the construction of the game like this ball deep for Cornet (8th) but he displayed his limits at the moment. Not yet at the physical point, it has long disappeared, making small appearances as during this sequence (57th). Insufficient.

  • Dembele (3.5): replacing in Montpellier, the striker started in the eleven this time and we can feel it, he still does not manage to regain this lost confidence. In lack of balls, he seemed far from his teammates. A golden opportunity missed by the head (10th) and that’s about it because he marks a magnificent heel but after the ball is out (50th). He still hasn’t scored in three games.

Nimes Olympic:

  • Reynet (6): quickly decisive in this match when he won his face to face in front of Cornet (8th). Completely beaten on a magnificent inspiration from Dembele, but the goalkeeper was very happy to see the referee signal an offside (50th). Attentive on his line on the head of Kadewere (90th). A game that is both simple and complicated for the last rampart. If he saw the ball approaching his goal countless times tonight, he didn’t have to work more than that.

  • Landre (6): the defender trained at PSG did not reassure his teammates in his first unmanaged aerial duel with Dembele, fortunately not serious (15th). However, he made up for it very well when he put an end to a counter-attack led by Cornet (21st). Author of several beautiful interventions in its surface (38th, 70th, 73rd).

  • Pay (5): if he somehow repelled certain incessant climbs by Cornet and others (3rd, 69th), the right side of the Crocs was in difficulty in his aerial duels (10th).

  • Briançon (5.5): the Nîmes captain saw, like his friend in the axis, the Lyon assaults being repeated too often. If he was not bothered in the air field (79th), the defender trained at the club suffered from the technical ease of Gones near the surface (57th).

  • Miguel (4.5): the left side was often put in difficulty in his lane by the very offensive positioning of Dubois and the madness of young Cherki. Much more comfortable in the air (55th) as well as offensively (56th).

  • Sarr (3.5): the very great Senegalese midfielder was much less in sight than his midfielder cronies. His average ball catches and his impact in the middle did not put him in value. Replaced at the 59th by Ahlinvi who had trouble standing out in the last half hour as the locals had their hands on the ball.

  • Fomba (5.5): not far from opening the scoring after a good offensive movement on this shot deflected by Marcelo, but Lopes took care more than once (4th, 64th). The former Auxerrois showed a lot of lucidity in his interceptions and in the use of the ball (45th, 65th).

  • Cubas (5): the small Paraguayan midfielder recruited this summer at the Argentinian club Talleres, good in anticipation, recovered a lot of the ball in the midfield (15th, 30th). His desire was sometimes lacking and he made avoidable mistakes (19th, 30th, 47th) which finally earned him a yellow card (47th).

  • Ferhat (6): From the start of the match, the young Algerian attacking midfielder spoke about his technical ease with beautiful controls and ball catches (4th, 36th). Not far from opening the scoring on this beautiful inspiration which took the direction of the skylight, but Lopes was watching again (42nd).

  • Duljevic (5): if he was the author of very beautiful touches of the ball (4th, 41st), the Bosnian however lacked at times of lucidity in his passes (13th). Replaced at half-time by Roux (3.5) who was too often lonely on the front lines of the attack. He did not weigh in the game and lost his few balloons touched (49th, 50th). Replaced in turn at ten seconds after the end of the match by Buadés (90th + 5) who saw the final whistle sound as soon as he entered.

  • Ripart (6.5): see above.

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