OM – Stade Brestois: the match notes


Despite a large domination rewarded by the opening score of Gerson, OM ended up retreating and even losing 2-1 against a courageous and attractive team from Brest.

As the winter break slowly but surely approaches, the 17th day of Ligue 1 opened this Saturday at 5 p.m., with an enticing poster between Olympique de Marseille (2nd, 29 pts) and Stade Brestois (11th, 21 pts). Dolphins of PSG, the Olympians, who remained on two consecutive victories, presented themselves on the lawn of the Stade Vélodrome with the firm intention of continuing this good series in the league despite a gloomy backdrop. And the task promised to be difficult against Brestois in an absolutely sparkling form. Driven by a historic dynamic of five consecutive victories, Michel Der Zakarian’s men came in 4-4-2 and could get closer to the top 5 in the event of a sixth success in a row.

For his part, Jorge Sampaoli renewed the same eleven winner of FC Nantes on Wednesday night (1-0) where Payet once again played in a role of false number 9. From the first moments of this meeting, the Olympians took control of the game and put a lot of pressure on the Brest defense. Perfectly served back by Guendouzi, Gerson wound up a powerful shot that Bizot had difficulty deflecting (7th). Authors of an excellent start on the collective level, Kamara’s teammates were once again dangerous on the goal of SB29. Taking advantage of a subtle discount from Payet, De La Fuente finally saw his attempt countered (14th).

OM, unrecognizable in the second half

But the Marseillais would logically be rewarded thanks to their fit man, Gerson. After a stint with Payet, the Brazilian struck and unleashed an unstoppable strike under the bar of Bizot (1-0, 29th). In the lead at the break and very little worried by harmless Brestois, the Phocéens however scuttled themselves on the return from the locker room on a hand fault from Kamara in his area … After consulting the VAR, the penalty was confirmed and Faivre took charge to transform the sentence by taking Lopez against the grain (1-1, 53rd). Stung by this equalization against the course of the game, the Olympians went on the attack. Superbly found by Lirola, Guendouzi however failed to frame his recovery (65th). Same outcome for the recovery of Payet (67th), well found by Lirola, author of a sharp entry into play.

And what had to happen, happened. With a subtle heel, Le Douaron found Honorat who concluded a magnificent counter with a terrible strike under the bar of the Marseille goalkeeper (1-2, 70th). Despite a burst of pride and a new alert on the Brest goal through Gerson (78th), very active at the Vélodrome, OM lost (1-2). Thanks to this astounding success, his sixth in a row, Brest temporarily climbs to sixth place and confirms its sparkling form. While waiting for the other matches of this 17th day, OM retains its second place.

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Man of the match: Pierre-Gabriel (7.5): he had the complicated task tonight by having to defend on the preferential side of OM but he held the shock. Vigilant in his back against the incursions of Harit and De La Fuente, the full-back made some decisive interventions including two from the head while Harit was trailing behind his back (14th, 65th), in addition to a ball grabbed with authority in the feet of Milik (83rd). We even saw him take risks offensively, distributing a few hot balls in the Marseille area (32nd, 45th). Warned (90th + 3) but very big game on his part.


  • Lopez (4): the Spanish goalkeeper had absolutely nothing to do in the first half, except to box a cross from Pierre-Gabriel (36th). His kicking game was more reassuring than in previous meetings, even if he was sometimes scared. Difficult for him to intervene on the two Brest goals, first from the penalty spot (53rd), then on a magnificent strike from Honorat (71st).

  • Saliba (5.5): as usual, the defender on loan from Arsenal had a solid game. The Marseillais monopolizing the ball in the first half and the Brestois evolving mainly against, he managed the depth very well. Imperial in the duels (3/4 duels won at the break), he also excelled in the relaunch (100% successful passes at the break).

  • Gonzalez (4): holder for the second consecutive time after the victory in Nantes on Wednesday, the Spanish defender has fulfilled his role perfectly. Not really worried in the first half, he was content to manage the in-depth calls from the opposing attackers. More in difficulty in the second half, he was behind the second Brest goal, just like Peres (71st).

  • Peres (4,5): Like his partners in the Marseille defense, he had a rather calm first half, but the Brestois woke up in the second half. The Brazilian is too far from La Douaron, who can deliver for Honorat, author of Brest’s second goal (71st).

  • Rongier (5): he was once again very good at defensive tasks and collecting the ball. Solid in the duels (6/9 duels won), he was impeccable in his interventions (6/6 successful tackles). On the other hand, he lost a lot of balls (14).

  • Kamara (4): he was often at the first Marseille raise. Unhappy, it is he who is guilty of a hand in his area, which allows the Brestois to obtain a penalty and equalize (53rd). The young player trained at OM made his match, without excelling. While the two teams were tied, Jorge Sampaoli made the choice to bring in more attacking players. Replaced by Milik (70th).

  • Guendouzi (5): often very high in the opposing camp, his retreating center brings the first hot situation in the Brest penalty area (5th). His very good deep pass for Harit brought the good opportunity for Gerson (7th). While he had once again thrown himself very high, he was found behind by Lirola, but failed to frame his shot (65th). Found on the right side by Lirola, his cross in front of the Brest goal was dangerous, but ultimately gave nothing (77th).

  • Gerson (6): found at the entrance to the area by Harit, he saw his shot stopped by Bizot (7th). OM playing without a real number 9, it was often him who came to the forefront of the attack when Payet won. It is also after a one-two with the latter that he manages to open the scoring (29th). Once again found in depth, he manages to get into a striking position when he had two Brest defenders on him (56th). While he played very high since the start of the match, he is the author of a very good comeback to cut the breakthrough of Del Castillo (64th).

  • Harit (3.5): well served by Guendouzi, he found Gerson in retreat, whose strike was stopped by Bizot (7th). Technically very sure, he often sought to provoke and destabilize Brest players by his dribbling. But that remains insufficient for a player of his talent and he did not really succeed in being dangerous in this meeting. Brest’s offensives mainly came from his side in the second half and Jorge Sampaoli quickly decided to get him out. Replaced by Lirola (56th), which came to the fore very quickly. First of all on a back pass for Guendouzi (65th), then for Payet (67th), two very good balls that his teammates failed to achieve.

  • From la Fuente (4): often messy in his dribbles, he was much safer this afternoon and lost a lot less balls than usual. If he did not manage to create real chances in the first half, he respected his defensive duties. Replaced by Ünder (56th).

  • Payet (5.5): positioned in false number 9, his partners often sought to combine with him. His shift for Harit brings the first Marseille opportunity, following a strike from Gerson (7th). Author of the opening scoring, the Brazilian finds himself in a good position after a one-two with the Reunionese (29th). Found by Lirola, the leader sees his volley being countered in extremis by Chardonnet (67th).


  • Bizot (6): put to use from the start of the match between a center from Guendouzi (4th) and a strike from Gerson (6th), the goalkeeper showed that he would be present at the meeting. It was therefore necessary to send a heavy strike under the bar of Gerson to beat the Dutchman (29th). Paradoxically, he didn’t have much to do. A small fright all the same on this center of Lirola (78th).

  • Pierre-Gabriel (7.5): see above.

  • Chardonnet (7): regularly well placed, the Brest captain kept his team afloat by getting in the way of attempts by Harit (4th), De La Fuente (13th) and Kamara (24th) until this late intervention on Payet who offered the free field to striker Gerson (29th). His head game was good, as was his presence in his box.

  • Herelle (5.5): less mobile than his captain, the former Niçois also delivered a fairly clean performance. A little short to return to Gerson during the Marseille goal (29th), he nevertheless ensured the blow by recovering a few balls that were lying around in his sector and never panicked despite the opposing domination.

  • Duverne (6): a right-hander placed in the left lane, it is sometimes risky but it was above all the Marseilles waves that overwhelmed him during the first half hour. Often at the limit despite the support of Honorat, the defender lost a lot of balls but caught up in duels, before gaining confidence in the second half. He blocked his hallway much better.

  • Faivre (6.5): the player impact of Stade Brestois. A very discreet first period, where he mainly ran against the Marseille domination. It was during the second act that he stood out, intelligently playing against his team and often improving the balls. He was even rewarded with a goal from the penalty spot (53rd), his 7th achievement of the season, which allowed Brest to equalize. He still misses the break at the end of the game (82nd).

  • Magnetti (6.5): in the oven and in the mill tonight even if, like all of his teammates, he exhausted himself chasing the ball for a good half hour but this debauchery of energy has done a lot of good between duels won and successful tackles. Some good defensive returns which relieved his people in addition to obtaining a rather improbable penalty when seeing his shot being deflected from the hand by Kamara (52nd). Replaced by Agoumé (72nd).

  • Belkebla (6): we saw him a little less than his midfield friend and yet the Algerian was no less important. More irregular and with a riskier game than Magnetti, he lost as many balls as he collected. Above all, he did not seem dull at the end of the game as most of his teammates stuck out their tongues.

  • Honorat (7): as often this season, he has an important role in Brest. Defensive efforts not always effective (6th, 19th) but he is the first to launch the cons and to propose solutions to his partners. He grew in power over the match, ensuring technical control over the match as during this ball offered to Le Douaron (59th) and Duverne (61st), and especially on this one-two with the first city that ended to his sublime strike under the bar (71st).

  • The Douaron (5.5): not far from feeling the blow on this somewhat curious exit of Lopez (7th), the attacker seemed a little borrowed in a noisy Velodrome. If he misses on this beautiful offering of Honorat (59th), his combination with his teammate is perfect (71st). Casually, the former Briochin is starting to make its mark in Finistère with this 8th start in a row.

  • Del Castillo (3.5): he replaced Steve Mounié at short notice, who was finally ill before the meeting and it was a bit obvious. Not really ready, the attacking midfielder seemed timid, too light physically and regularly overtaken by his opponents. However, with his speed, he forced the Marseille defense to watch him. Replaced by Cardona (65th) which had a certain impact since he tried his luck (81st) before being warned (90th + 4).

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