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PSG: how Nasser Al-Khelaïfi air-conditioned FC Barcelona for Neymar

The Catalan press unveils the underside of the recent negotiations for the (failed) return of the Brazilian star to Barcelona.

The soap opera did not last very long, because Neymar quickly ended up extending with Paris Saint-Germain. But on the side of Catalonia, we still hoped to be able to attract the Brazilian to the Camp Nou side, in particular thanks to the new president Joan Laporta. Another frustrated attempt, and probably the last because everything now suggests that Neymar will end his European career in Paris.

And if the former number 11 of Barça will not find his friend Lionel Messi – not in Barcelona at least – it is largely thanks to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, as the daily explains. Sport this week-end. In 2019 as this year, it was he who was uncompromising with FC Barcelona, ​​refusing to listen to any offer.

He pissed off Joan Laporta

In recent weeks, Joan Laporta and the boss of PSG have met well in Paris. But the response was sharp. If Neymar was never able to return to Barcelona, ​​it is also because for Nasser, this file also had a geopolitical stake, since Neymar is the figurehead of the Qatari project in Europe. A departure would have been further than just bad news on a sporting level …

During the meeting between the two men the tone was also raised, and Laporta left Paris being very upset and angry, frustrated at having had a real wall in front of him. Suffice to say that Parisians can thank their president …

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