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PSG: Neymar thought of stopping his career

We could have seen one of the most improbable announcements in football a while ago. If Neymar now seems fulfilled in Paris, the Brazilian star had a difficult period in 2019, especially after his injury which had resulted in a long absence and missing the Champions League matches against Manchester United.

In an interview for Gaffer, the Brazilian number 10 spoke of the pressure weighing on his shoulders and the many criticisms of Parisian supporters he suffered during the period when he tried to leave the Parisian club to return to Barcelona. “I will never lose my passion for football, but there have been times when I wanted to stop playing. Once I got to the point of asking myself, “what’s the point of continuing if they don’t like this?” I used to go home with my head held high and remember everything I had done to get there. The love I have for football and all of those things calmed me down and brought me back to reality. “ A story that seems distant for the Parisian who has just lifted the Champions Trophy against Marseille on Wednesday.

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