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PSG-SCO: Romain Thomas still smashes the referee

Two days after the defeat of his family on the lawn of Paris Saint-Germain, the central defender of Angers SCO Romain Thomas returned to the edition of the day of the team on the arbitration controversy giving the winning penalty to Kylian Mbappé at the end of the match: “Icardi, he’s just doing that, pulling on the arms. Already during the match, I warned the referee. On the action, he picks up speed because he pulls my arm. I fall. In my head, I tell myself that there is a fault anyway. When the referee goes to see the VAR, I tell him: “Be careful, this is happening upstream.” He tells me it’s been checked. I say, “So there is a big problem with competence.” The problem is there: the referees no longer want to go wrong because they lose points for their classification. “

Still in the interview given to the sports daily, the 33 player points to the misplaced pride of the refereeing body: “They don’t have that humility. Whenever I make a mistake, I assume it. When they do, they have to say it too. In addition, I told him: “Take the time, take the videos that interest you.” I call it incompetence. I wonder if all the referees know the rules and if they know how to use VAR well. Already, I find them limited at the physical level to follow the actions. Some are burnt, they can’t even keep up with the speed of the game. The game is going too fast. “

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