Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic respond to LaLiga


LaLiga is playing part of its financial future in the coming days. The leaders of the first Spanish division proposed to the clubs to resell part of the capital of the institution (approximately 10%) to the investment fund CVC Capital Partners, in order to recover some liquidity. It must be said that the pandemic and the economic crisis that followed went through this. It touched everyone but the agreement cited did not please some clubs in the championship and not the least. As we explained to you this morning, Real Madrid, Barça and Athletic have offered their counterparts another solution by presenting it as much more advantageous. Obviously, it is not to the taste of LaLiga which was moved by it in a press release.

The pass is always full because it is the turn of the three historic clubs to respond through a press release published on social networks. “From the point of view of our century-old commitment to Spanish football and its viability, it is necessary to understand our deepest opposition last August to the operation raised by LaLiga with the CVC Capital Partners fund, the so-called ‘LaLiga Impulso Project “, now rephrased in terms which are equally ruinous for Spanish football and, moreover, not free from serious irregularities (both in form and in substance). (…) We call on all the players and managers of Spanish football to reflect. It is essential to act with common sense and explore all available alternatives (such as the Sustainable Project proposed here providing similar benefits), in order to enable clubs to solve their financial problems in a rational and sustainable manner, without suffering serious irregularities or influence the future of Spanish football for half a century. (…) In conclusion, it is baffling that, since there are viable, reasonable and sustainable financial alternatives such as the one presented here, a competitive, open and transparent process has not been promoted by LaLiga with the aim of maximize financial conditions for all clubs. There is still time for that. ” The ongoing standoff.

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