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Rudi Garcia defends Anthony Lopes against Adil Rami

“I’m talking about his outings and not about the footballer because I find that he is an extraordinary goalkeeper, one of the best in Ligue 1. But there his outings are recurrences, said Wednesday evening Adil Rami about Anthony Lopes, at the microphone of RMC. They are super dangerous for him and his team if he takes a red, but also for the integrity of the players. We even have tops of his outings on the internet where he smashes everything, leaving one leg hanging out. Do you have to wait until there is a spinal cord that breaks down? “, had launched the former Marseillais in the show Top Of The Foot. Statements that have had an echo in recent days. Obviously, the words of the world champion deeply touched the Portuguese international goalkeeper of OL, who was absent from the pre-derby press conference.

His trainer, Rudi Garcia, is responsible for defending him against what he calls personal settling of scores. “We especially need to leave Antho alone, it’s starting to do well. I have been reported. It’s more personal settling of scores at the moment, let’s leave him alone, he’s doing his job, he’s doing it well. These are false debates that are taking place at the moment. I haven’t heard everything, read everything, but you know better than I do, you will distinguish between objective analyzes and settling scores, ” said the Olympian coach, before concluding. “He could have come to a press conference to see you, he had done it in the first leg, but because of this media bullshit he preferred, we preferred, to leave him alone”.

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