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The French team doctor believes he did not sacrifice Umtiti’s career in 2018

This is something that we often hear since the victory of the France team at the 2018 World Cup. Samuel Umtiti (27), holder during the competition and even scorer in the semi-final against Belgium (1 -0) would have played injured all along and would then have sacrificed the rest of his career for this event. A rumor that had even been approved by the person concerned, believing that he had taken a risk by disputing the CoM at that time when he had physical problems. Today, the French defender of FC Barcelona has fallen into oblivion and, because of repeated injuries, is no longer starting at Barça and is no longer even called by Didier Deschamps with the Blues.

However, the historical doctor of the EDF, Franck Le Gall, did not fully confirm Umtiti’s statements concerning his physical condition. “Honestly, at the moment no sacrifice was made. We did not say to ourselves ‘we will go to the end, and then after your career…’. No, what happened behind it certainly happened, but we didn’t have the feeling that we were doing anything. His problem has a solution, today he still plays football. The rest was complicated for him, but other choices were made medically after the World Cup, choices that do not belong to us. At no time were we in the notion of sacrifice with Sam ”, he explained to the microphone of bein Sports.

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